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NIRSoluciones, S.L. is a spin-off devoted to the implementation of NIRS technology projects in agro-industrial firms, as a tool for innovation in quality control systems.

NIRS technology has many advantages, as it provides fast and precise results, it is multiproduct and multiatribute, non destructive, clean, easy to use in routine analysis and could represent important savings in the quality control process.

NIRSoluciones develops projects that fits your analytical needs.

NIRSoluciones provides a complete service for the implementation of NIR Technology in the agro-industrial sector. Acting as a highly specialised technology consulting company, its activity covers from accompanying companies and laboratories from the first step in the implementation of a given application (instruments selection, technical staff NIRs training, calibrations development…) to the evaluation of the application in routine, calibrations up-grading, …


NIRSoluciones, S.L.  ::: Parque Científico Tecnológico de Córdoba (Rabanales 21) ::: C/ Astrónoma Cecilia Payne ID 8.1 Edificio Centauro ::: 14014-Córdoba (Spain)      Phones (+34) 615 226 584 / 629 470 759 ::: e-mail: correo@nirsoluciones.com